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Hello, so, you are interested in either hiring or contracting with us for an upcoming event? This page will provide the information needed to know the type of events we have participated in and how to contact us for your event. Our group specializes in three (3) main impressions, and provide parade and special honor guard presence at paid events;

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Civilian Militia (circa 1770 – 1775)
Continental Army (circa 1777 – 1783)
Civilian Professions (circa 1770 – 1783)
Paid Events
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Civilian Militia (circa 1770 – 1775)

Prior to the start of the War for American Independence, the civilian militia was gathered and regularly trained (i.e. well regulated) as the first line of defense for the colonies. Each state assembled a militia for this purpose. In this impression, we are fitted with civilian clothing, and accoutrements appropriate for the period before the war.  Some of the annual events in which we participate in this fashion are;

The Boston Massacre (1770)


The Boston Tea Party (1773)

The Battles of Lexington & Concord (1775)


Continental Army (circa 1777 – 1783)

In this impression we recreate Col. Bailey’s 2nd Massachusetts Regiment, Maxwell’s Company (circa 1777 – 1780). The uniform of that period, for this unit, was a brown “lottery coat” with red facings. These colors were determined by the state in which the unit was organized.


Civilian Professions (circa 1770 – 1783)

This impression provides an opportunity for our members to expand their knowledge and show their skills at a few of the everyday professions of the period. Our members have varied interests and can provide sessions on aspects such as; woodworking, spinning, leather-craft, music, blacksmiths, cooking, and even pottery (coming soon).

Members here demonstrate various aspects of 18th century life


Children having fun learning to churn butter by hand


Parades: The 2nd Mass does many parades throughout the year. There is a fee to hire the unit for a parade, the price of which is dependent upon the venue, length, and expectations. There is no set price as the amount is negotiated with the event organizer for that particular event. As a result of the varying factors, the range of cost for a parade is typically in the $500 – $1,000.00 range. We prefer at least a two (2) month advance notice in order to present the idea to the membership, and determine if it is in the best interest of everyone involved (in order to provide a sufficient enough number of participants).

NOTE: The July 4th Independence Day is typically booked with a recurring string of three (3) parades that encompass the entire day. These parades are contracted months (if not a year) in advance for this particular day.

  • Manchester-by-the-Sea
  • Beverly Farms
  • Wakefield

However, the remainder of the year we are open to consider other parades. As a guide, please check our online Event Calendar for a listing of open dates. Having that information will help you determine if we might be available at that time. However, since not every member attends every event, we do have the ability to book simultaneous events on the same day.


Special Occasions: We have done special events such as Masonic honor guards, corporate presentations, educational presentations, and for various other historical reasons.

2nd Mass Honor Guard for Golden Rule Lodge of Freemasonry

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Col. Bailey’s 2nd Massachusetts Regiment
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