Photo Gallery

Below are a small selected list of photos for your viewing pleasure. They demonstrate the versatility and range of impressions the 2nd Massachusetts can provide. Our abilities range from pre-war militia, war-time Continental Army, civilian impressions, and to a full Flying Hospital setup with Regimental Surgeon.

Video Gallery

Below is a selection of a few of the videos of our clothing workshops. We take great pride and care in accurately reproducing the clothing of the era. We use all natural fiber materials, reproduction buttons, and hand-stitch the garments together whenever possible. The clotrhing designs are from patterns taken of extant period clothing and uniforms. In the case of uniforms, the patterns, materials and colors are those that have been documented issued to our regiment at the time, taken from research of clothing disbursement documents.

Sewing Workshops: Waistcoat
Sewing Workshops: Frock Coat

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