The Minkey Awards

What is the Minkey Award?

The article that was the responsible for creating the annual "Minkey Award".This is an annual award that is uniquely linked to our 2nd Mass history. In the year 2010, the 2nd Massachusetts Regiment was the host unit for a large weekend encampment in Millis, MA. This event, The Battle for Richardson’s Tavern, was attended by hundreds of spectators, including the local press. During one of the battles, Scott Sminkey was “wounded” and dragged behind the lines to an awaiting Doctor John Hart, Regimental Surgeon (top of the photo) and his assistant Rick Martin (top right of the photo). As he was receiving in-the-field treatment for the wound to his leg, a local press photographer snapped a photo that found itself in the local newspaper.  When the copy was written in the caption of the picture, the name of the wounded man was listed a Scott Minkey (missing the “S” at the start of his name). From that point forward, the “Minkey Award” was born, and to be presented to the soldier with the best (non-silly) death or wounded performance.


When is it presented, and by whom?

minkey-award-smEach eligible person is nominated by the privates of the unit, and the one with the most nominations wins. They have the privilege of having the trophy in their possession for one year, until the next winner is announced. As an added honor their name is written on the back of the headstone for posterity.

The trophy is presented at the annual 2nd Massachusetts holiday party at the end of the year. As it is an award related to their medical condition, it is presented by the regimental surgeon of the flying hospital. In addition to the trophy (which must change hands annually), the winner is presented with a “certificate of death” hand signed with quill pen by Regimental Surgeon Doctor John Hart, and impressed with his wax seal over a representative bloody rag of linen. The winner keeps this certificate as a lasting memory of their award, suitable for framing.

Who has won this award so far?

This is a list of all the Minkey Award winners to date:

2018: Troy (M)Ontville

2017: Laura (Q)Uintiliani

2016: Matthew (S)Olander

2015: Scott (S)Minkey

2014: David (R)Iskin

2013: William (P)Henix

2012: David (M)Iddleton

2011: Brendan (H)Art

2010: Scott (S)Minkey. (The original inspiration for the award)



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