2nd Mass on parade...

We march in many city and town parades. Yet this only one of the many activities we do throughout the year

Keeping busy over the winter...

Winter season means time to prepare for the next campaign season. Another month, another workshop.

Dr. Hart successfully extracts a musket ball from a wounded soldier

Our Flying Hospital demonstrates many medical procedures for the spectators as part of a comprehensive presentation on 18th Century medicine.

Line of March...

Marching off to muster in Tewksbury, MA to participate in their annual "Line of March" memorial of April 19th, 1775.

Facing off against the British Regulars...

at Battle Road in Concord is an annual April event for the 2nd Massachusetts (in our militia clothing).

Welcome to the home of Col. Bailey's 2nd Massachusetts Regiment. Step with us into the 18th Century

(or as close as we can get)

The modern Col. Bailey's 2nd Massachusetts Regiment was founded in 1974 and has been continually active up to the present day. We are dedicated to actively preserving the heritage of the United States of America through living history. We strive to preserve this heritage through extensive research and first-hand experience recreating the life and events of the American Revolutionary War period (1775 - 1783). Spanning a range from Quebec Canada, to Savannah Georgia, to London England, over the decades we have educated and entertained folks on the subject of 18th Century life in many ways. Our members range from children to adults, and like the original members, we also come from many walks of life.

Latest Tweets

October 30, 2020 at 09:01AM Happy birthday to our own Col. John Bailey. Born on Oct 30th, 1730, he was the colonel of the 2nd Massachusetts Regiment from their inception in 1777. You will be remembered sir, and never forgotten. Huzza!

Current Minkey Award

Current Minkey Award
Congratulations to Troy Montville for receiving the 2018 annual Minkey Award. Begun in 2010, this award is presented to the member who was nominated as the best (non-funny) death or wounded performance at a 2nd Mass event.

Captain Eric Chetwynd

Captain Eric Chetwynd
The current captain/president of the 2nd Massachusetts Regiment.

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