2nd Mass on parade...

We march in many city and town parades. Yet this only one of the many activities we do throughout the year

Warming up the music...

The contingent of musicians takes some time to practice together before leading the soldiers into the battle

Marching toward destiny...

Uneasy, yet resolute and confident in our command, we march into the battle against the British Crown forces

Make ready, present...

Awaiting the command to fire upon the British Crown forces, the 2nd Mass is always at the front of the line in the fight for freedom

It's not all glory...

Chores like chopping wood and cooking the days meal over an open fire are only some of the many in-camp activities we perform daily

Welcome to the home of Col. Bailey's 2nd Massachusetts Regiment. Step with us into the 18th Century

(or as close as we can get)

The modern Col. Bailey's 2nd Massachusetts Regiment was founded in 1974 and has been continually active up to the present day. We strive to celebrate our country's heritage through first-hand experience recreating the events of the American Revolutionary War (1775 - 1783) as well as honoring those who served. Spanning a range from Quebec Canada, to Savannah Georgia, to London England, over the decades we have educated and entertained folks on the subject of 18th Century life in many ways. Our members range from children to adults, and like the original members, we also come from many walks of life.

Latest Tweets

Ask a member of the 2nd Massachusetts? - Today we ask Robert Paul Q. You have been to a number of reenactments,... fb.me/3BsINVPZA

General George Washington

General George Washington
His Excellency, General George Washington, in his Continental Line Commander-in-Chief uniform.

Strawberry Banke Cup

Strawberry Banke Cup
The coveted Strawberry Banke Cup, won by the 2014 2nd Massachusetts drilling team.

Captain Barry Greene

Captain Barry Greene
The current captain/president of the 2nd Massachusetts Regiment.
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